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Homemade Plum Wine: Bottled

I’m sorry to say that I took on this plum wine with great enthusiasm and then lazily kept it going. Today I finally bottled it into 6 half gallon wide mouth mason jars. I have 3 gallons of plum wine that I’m going to have to find ways to use because it’s sour. I was hoping for more of a sweet wine. It is drinkable. I had a little today. It doesn’t smell like vinegar. We did a smell comparison with the red wine vinegar. It smells of wine. I just don’t see me indulging in it very often. When I undertake wine making again, I’ll be sure to make some changes. 

I’ll probably rack it more. I only did this twice. Yeah I know! But I was pregnant with twins and not very concerned with the wine.

I might use a different yeast. I used Red Star Cotes de Blanc.

Maybe I’ll use more sugar or a local honey and make into more of a mead…

Anyways, our plum trees didn’t fruit much this year. They had a hard one last year with all the coddling moth and then the freezing rain. Plus my landlord pruned them a little late which I think didn’t help with the fruiting. Also, one of my trees is starting to get curl leaf. I guess that is pretty difficult to get rid of.







First Rack of Plum Wine

I finally moved the plum wine from the primary bucket to the glass carboy the other day.

It was a little messy. I suggest not doing this task near a carpet and wearing an apron or old clothes and shoes.

I sterilized my tools and the carboy with a mixture of bleach water. I had some bleach and I didn’t want to go buy another item. I’ve already invested more into this than I want. I’m a frugal person.

I then had to scoop the wine out of the primary bucket, strain it, and let it drip through the funnel into the carboy. The top portion of the bucket went quickly but when I got to wear the plums had settled it was way more time consuming.
I started straining it back into the primary buck so I strain bigger batches. Once I got the majority of the plums out, I went back to straining it over the carboy.

I have a lot less wine than I thought I would. I was talked into buying a 6 gallon carboy and it’s only a little more than halfway full. Plus, there is a lot of sediment at the bottom already. I think I’m going to rack it monthly.

Next month, I’ll need to buy a 5 gallon carboy and a racking tube. Next year, this will be more cost effective. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!

Adventures in Making Plum Wine: Day 2

Twelve hours after adding the acid blend, pectic enzyme, tannin, nutrient, and energizer to the plums sitting in room temperature water I got to add the yeast. I actually added the yeast a bit more like 24 hours later. If it gets messed up because I added the yeast too late, oh well, this is my adventure and I get to be in charge of screwing it up. lol

I dissolved the packet of yeast in a 1/4 cup of warm water and then stirred it into the primary bucket. I covered it back up and now we get to wait about a week before straining it and moving the plum “wine” to a glass carboy.

Adventures in Making Plum Wine: Day 1

Yesterday, I filled a six gallon bucket with plums.

Six Gallons of Plums copyright 3MoonMama

Six Gallons of Plums copyright 3MoonMama

Our poor plums have been ravaged by coddling moth and the tree had too many fruit making the plums small. It was quite an effort to half and stone each one. I had to throw out a ton because they were super icky when they were cut open. It took me hours to get enough plums to make about 20lbs of useable fruit. I actually have a bit less than 20lbs of plums but I don’t really care. I am so done with plums (and there are still more on my dang tree)! haha! I even watched a couple of movies and took a seat after the first hour of work.

Close-Up Six Gallons of Plums copyright 3MoonMama

Close-Up Six Gallons of Plums copyright 3MoonMama

I added two stock pots of boiling water last night and left some room at the top of the bucket because the recipe is for five gallons and I am using a six gallon primary bucket. I may have to add some more sterilized water at some point because there may not be five gallons in there. I just eyeballed it.

Halved and Stoned Plums and Water copyright 3MoonMama

Halved and Stoned Plums and Water copyright 3MoonMama

This morning I mixed in the acid blend, pectic enzyme, tannin, nutrient, and energizer. Whirlwind helped to stir and measure.

copyright 3MoonMama 2013

Mixing in the ingredients copyright 3MoonMama 2013

Mixing in the ingredients copyright 3MoonMama 2013

Now we wait 12 hours to add the yeast.

Wish us luck!

Recipe: Making Plum Wine by Hip Chick Digs

Scrumptious Saturday: Homemade Homegrown Plum Jam

We have two plum trees, not counting the cherry plum tree that is growing entangled with one of the bigger plum trees. That makes three different types of plums and lots of them.

Homegrown Plums

Homegrown Plums, Some are way too ripe and going to compost pile.

I searched the internet for plum recipes, the classic being jam. This is my starter recipe. I made a couple of changes after I read the reviews. I added an extra 1/2 cup of plums and a tablespoon of lemon juice. I took out a half cup of sugar.

I cut up and de-stoned my plums, then I put them in a food processor to get the skins really tiny.

Hot Plum Jam

I also added the pectin before the sugar, someone mentioned in the reviews that this will help the jam set.

This is my first batch of jam, ever. It tastes good. It’s really sweet and has a hint of tartness. The color is a lovely plum red.

My version of the recipe made 7 1/2 half pint jars. It might have made 7 3/4 jars if I had scraped off more gooey goodness from the pot.

Here are my jars getting sterilized for 10 minutes.

Here are my jars getting sterilized for 10 minutes.

One jar to my favorite aunt. One jar to my oldest child’s bff’s family. The rest for us, muahahahahaha 😉

(seriously it’s so good, it’s sinfully bad)

I'm holding up the jar of Plum Jam to the light so you can see how pretty it is :)

I’m holding up the jar of Plum Jam to the light so you can see how pretty it is 🙂

Till next time…