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First Rack of Plum Wine

I finally moved the plum wine from the primary bucket to the glass carboy the other day.

It was a little messy. I suggest not doing this task near a carpet and wearing an apron or old clothes and shoes.

I sterilized my tools and the carboy with a mixture of bleach water. I had some bleach and I didn’t want to go buy another item. I’ve already invested more into this than I want. I’m a frugal person.

I then had to scoop the wine out of the primary bucket, strain it, and let it drip through the funnel into the carboy. The top portion of the bucket went quickly but when I got to wear the plums had settled it was way more time consuming.
I started straining it back into the primary buck so I strain bigger batches. Once I got the majority of the plums out, I went back to straining it over the carboy.

I have a lot less wine than I thought I would. I was talked into buying a 6 gallon carboy and it’s only a little more than halfway full. Plus, there is a lot of sediment at the bottom already. I think I’m going to rack it monthly.

Next month, I’ll need to buy a 5 gallon carboy and a racking tube. Next year, this will be more cost effective. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!


Adventures in Making Plum Wine: Day 2

Twelve hours after adding the acid blend, pectic enzyme, tannin, nutrient, and energizer to the plums sitting in room temperature water I got to add the yeast. I actually added the yeast a bit more like 24 hours later. If it gets messed up because I added the yeast too late, oh well, this is my adventure and I get to be in charge of screwing it up. lol

I dissolved the packet of yeast in a 1/4 cup of warm water and then stirred it into the primary bucket. I covered it back up and now we get to wait about a week before straining it and moving the plum “wine” to a glass carboy.

Bathing Apples

I have thoroughly scrubbed the bathtub. Two 5-6 gallon buckets of apples dropped from my tree are going into the bath for a good soak.

I am planning on making apple cider. Problem is that I have not found a cider press for rent locally. A friend who has a farm about 45minutes away has one, but it needs a good cleaning. I’m also going to try making some hard apple cider. I just read that 40 pounds of apples yields about 3 gallons of juice. So is the drive worth two buckets of apples? Not really.

2 Apple Buckets

I weighed the buckets on my bathroom scale and each was 25.5lbs. That means I have about 50 lbs of apples (minus the buckets which my scale won’t pick up). I probably want to save at least 80 pounds of apples so I can have about 5 gallons for juice and if I am lucky another 80 pounds so I can make 5 gallons of hard cider.

That’s why these apples get a bath. After I sort out the applesauce quality apples from the savers, the juicing apples find a home in the fridge. I need to save up my apples (and space in the fridge)!

Apple Bath CLose-up

I’ll make some applesauce tonight. Hopefully they are sweet enough to not use any sugar in the applesauce. I prefer it that way. I’ll post a link to the recipe I use later.

Also, I was going to start making plum wine this last weekend but my plum tree has yet to fully ripen. I’ve got all the necessities to start it up and then I’ll need to buy a couple of carboys for the wine, juice, and cider.

If only money grew on trees 😉 or a sugar plum daddy was hiding in the plum tree.


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