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I am a Bibliophile

Today, I am beginning to go through my books. I probably have hundreds of books, not including children’s books. I really did not know where to start because every time I do, I start making excuses as to why I should keep the books.

I did a quick internet search and found an article with some helpful hints. It is on the website “becoming minimalist” .

Time to find a notebook so I can write down my sentiments, ISBNs, etc., and a box or two or three.  😉

If you are a book lover, collector, like me and have some tips on how to reduce your collection – please share!


Scrumptious Saturday: Homemade Homegrown Plum Jam

We have two plum trees, not counting the cherry plum tree that is growing entangled with one of the bigger plum trees. That makes three different types of plums and lots of them.

Homegrown Plums

Homegrown Plums, Some are way too ripe and going to compost pile.

I searched the internet for plum recipes, the classic being jam. This is my starter recipe. I made a couple of changes after I read the reviews. I added an extra 1/2 cup of plums and a tablespoon of lemon juice. I took out a half cup of sugar.

I cut up and de-stoned my plums, then I put them in a food processor to get the skins really tiny.

Hot Plum Jam

I also added the pectin before the sugar, someone mentioned in the reviews that this will help the jam set.

This is my first batch of jam, ever. It tastes good. It’s really sweet and has a hint of tartness. The color is a lovely plum red.

My version of the recipe made 7 1/2 half pint jars. It might have made 7 3/4 jars if I had scraped off more gooey goodness from the pot.

Here are my jars getting sterilized for 10 minutes.

Here are my jars getting sterilized for 10 minutes.

One jar to my favorite aunt. One jar to my oldest child’s bff’s family. The rest for us, muahahahahaha 😉

(seriously it’s so good, it’s sinfully bad)

I'm holding up the jar of Plum Jam to the light so you can see how pretty it is :)

I’m holding up the jar of Plum Jam to the light so you can see how pretty it is 🙂

Till next time…

Sunday’s Spiced Plum Bread

If you have a ton of plums like me this time of year, you’re probably searching for something to do with them. Next Saturday, I’ll post about my first ever jam adventure. Today, I’m sharing about Spiced Plum Bread.

After reading the reviews, I made a couple of changes to the recipe. I used a cup of cut up fresh plums, instead of canned. I added a cup of our homemade homegrown apple sauce. I also changed out the all-purpose flour for some Oregon grown and locally milled Teff flour. I switched the amounts of the spices, cloves getting 1/4 teaspoon and cinnamon getting 1/2 teaspoon. Then I used pecans instead of walnuts, I bought these from the grower’s market.

I probably could have made two loaves but I filled up my bread tin to the top, hoping it would puff up nice and big. It didn’t puff up, but stayed right at the top of the bread tin.

This will be served with chai and the option to top with plum jam, goat cheese, cream cheese, or melted butter.

I still have a whole tree covered in plums so stay tuned for more plummy yummy.