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Filberts or Hazelnuts? And Other Fruit Tree Nonsense

I have harvested, with the help of my children, a small box of filberts. I think in Oregon they call them filberts and elsewhere they are called hazelnuts. I don’t really know, but I guess they are different species. I really don’t know what I have growing.


The youngest and our dog both love cracking them open to snack on. And guess what else loves to snack on filberts? The voracious coddling moth. Geeze do we have a problem over here. We avoid eating the larvae by cracking open the nut to peak inside after we’ve cracked open a shell with our handy dandy hammer. Our dog uses her teeth. If it’s yucky it goes in the garbage. We don’t want to put pests into our compost. But I don’t think our dog minds the larvae.

I know I probably shouldn’t let her eat things like plums and nuts but she does and she’s still here. Plus when I tell her not to she just ignores me or looks at me crazy. She wants to eat what we’re eating. And by the look of things it hasn’t stopped her up yet (but sometimes I wish she’d get stopped up or eat her own poop, lol).

Most of my fruit trees are wearing cardboard at the base of their trunks. I’m going to check them tomorrow for any moth cocoons. It started raining (sprinkling by Oregon standards) today so I am not sure how the cardboard is going to hold up.

I watched a video on how to harvest filberts and one person keeps their nuts in their car. It gets hot but it stays dry so I’m going to give it a try.

My oldest child wants us to make a chocolate/hazelnut spread so that’s what we’ll probably do with our small harvest.

How do you harvest and dry your nuts? What kinds of things do you make with them?


Ideas for 31 Pears

That’s the number of pears I harvested off the pear tree on Sunday. There are about three pears I could not reach at the very top. I also have about 10 pears already sitting around the kitchen.¬† All together, I probably have about 13 pounds of pears.

I shared in the Pears, Pears, Pears, Pearfection post how pears need to be chilled for ripening. So into the fridge these pears go for about 5 days.

After they ripen, I’ll be making a batch of pear jam. The recipe and instructions I will be using are located on the Pick Your Own website. That leaves me with about 6 more pounds of pears.

There is also this Paula Deen Pear Honey recipe that looks delicious.

With the rest of the pears we’ll probably make things like the Gluten-Free Pear and Apple Crisp from Gluten Free Goddess and Gluten-Free Pear Bread by Simply Gluten Free.

What ideas do you have for pears?

Close-up of Pears Harvested 2013 copyright 3MoonMama

Close-up of Pears Harvested 2013 copyright 3MoonMama





Pears, Pears, Pears and Pearfection

This year is full of new adventures for us at 3 Moon Homestead. Our pear tree has produced enough pears to harvest and not just snack on as they fall or get picked. I have no idea when and how to harvest pears so I did an internet search and came across this page from Oregon State University.

Did you know that pears ripen from the inside out and the core will start deteriorating if you wait for pears to ripen on the tree? I didn’t.

Also, pears are supposed to be cooled down for a couple days before the ripening process. Again, I had no idea. So off the table and counter and into the fridge they go (along with my 50lbs of apples, lol, that disappointingly will not be turned into cider but have become a go-to for dutch apple pie, apple sauce, and snacks).

I’ve sadly discovered that all the fruit trees have bugaroos that like to make holes in them. Snacking is strongly encouraged in slices unless you don’t mind biting into “worm” poop or pieces. (Ewwww!)

Also, I think the plums are finally ripe so I’m actually going to start the plum wine process today.

Now what to do with the pears? I guess we’ll have to wait and find out how many pears I collect.

Lots of harvesting on this September 1st!