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Learning Left and Right, Day 2


Today, we started off with watching the two videos I mentioned in my previous post “Learning Left and Right.

After we wiggled around to the songs, we worked on another double-sided worksheet. The little one definitely needs more practice on which direction the animals are facing. I think this is related to still learning which direction letters face. We put our hands next to each box to find out which direction the animals were facing. The other side of the sheet included shapes that were colored either on the left or right side depending on the directions.

Game Time! We traced our hands and labeled which were the left and right.


I got out some dice. The black dice were for the left hand and the white dice were for the right hand.


We used stones from our collection jar as our counters.


We took turns rolling one black die and one white die. We would put that many counters on each hand and then count them all up. Then we would state the addition equation we just created. We each took four turns and then I could tell it was time to move on.


Next time I think I will find something to use that will tell us whether we are putting the counters on the left hand or right hand. This way we can focus on one hand at a time.

Tomorrow, we will be playing  left, center, right game I found on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.

See you tomorrow!


Learning Left and Right

We have about thirty days until kindergarten begins!

Because I have been saying to myself that I will home school my little one over the Summer and Summer is almost over, I decided to finally get started.

I previously gave my little one an assessment from the K12 website. I used the “Semester 1: Assessment 1” test. This helped me have an idea of where we need to focus.

I decided to start with learning left and right.

This focuses on the Oregon 2007 Content Standard “K.2.3 Use basic shapes and spatial reasoning to describe and model objects in their environment, and to construct more complex shapes. (IXL)


the 2010 Oregon Common Core State Standards K.G.1 Describe objects in the environment using names of shapes, and describe the relative positions of these objects using terms such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to. (IXL)

We began with a quick overview of left and right with our hands. I explained that our left hands make an “L” when we hold it up in front of us and put our thumb straight out to the side. This may take a bit of practice to identify if your child is still learning to write their letters in the correct direction (which mine is).

I quickly quizzed my child on which hand was the left hand and which was the right. Correcting, modeling, and giving positive encouragement each time.

We then played “Simon Says” using left and right directions. Toward the end of the game I made it more difficult by having the left hand touch the right ear and the right hand touch the left ear at the same time. This elicited some giggles as arms crossed over the face.

Next, we worked on some worksheets I printed off from Kids Learning Station. We did one identifying which animal was on the right and left and another worksheet that asked which way the animal faced.

Tomorrow, we will watch some videos I discovered on the Inspired by Kindergarten blog. One is called “Left and Right Machine – The Robot Song” and the other is called “Twist – Right and Left, Action Song for Children.” We will also trace our right and left hands to play a version of the counter game featured on the Inspired by Kindergarten blog. I will write more about that adventure tomorrow.

Hasta Manana