Monthly Archives: July 2014

Homemade Plum Wine: Bottled

I’m sorry to say that I took on this plum wine with great enthusiasm and then lazily kept it going. Today I finally bottled it into 6 half gallon wide mouth mason jars. I have 3 gallons of plum wine that I’m going to have to find ways to use because it’s sour. I was hoping for more of a sweet wine. It is drinkable. I had a little today. It doesn’t smell like vinegar. We did a smell comparison with the red wine vinegar. It smells of wine. I just don’t see me indulging in it very often. When I undertake wine making again, I’ll be sure to make some changes. 

I’ll probably rack it more. I only did this twice. Yeah I know! But I was pregnant with twins and not very concerned with the wine.

I might use a different yeast. I used Red Star Cotes de Blanc.

Maybe I’ll use more sugar or a local honey and make into more of a mead…

Anyways, our plum trees didn’t fruit much this year. They had a hard one last year with all the coddling moth and then the freezing rain. Plus my landlord pruned them a little late which I think didn’t help with the fruiting. Also, one of my trees is starting to get curl leaf. I guess that is pretty difficult to get rid of.