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Belly Art Day

Both Belly Casts - 1st one on Rt, 2nd one on Lft

Belly Casts – Plaster Gauze Strips Drying

2nd Belly Cast - 36wks Surrogate Twins

Creating Belly Casts – 36wks Surro-Twins

Yesterday at 37 weeks pregnant, it was pouring off and on and we didn’t get to the grower’s market to get my belly henna magic. I’m disappointed but I wasn’t sure how I’d walk around with my shirt rolled up and keep the henna from getting ruined while it tried to dry.

Today, I’m experimenting with the belly cast that I made for myself. I never made one before and I did not use a kit. I bought some plaster strips from a second-hand/reusable art store. Last weekend I made two casts. I only did one layer of gauze. They are so thin! I don’t have enough gauze to do another full layer inside both bellies or somewhere in town to buy more plaster gauze strips. I stuffed my ‘experiment’ belly with towels and washcloths and smeared joint compound all over it. It’s currently sitting on my kitchen table drying.

For the belly cast that will go to my IFs, I’ll use the remaining plaster gauze on the inside and then smear joint compound on. I’ll do the strips today and wait untilĀ  tomorrow for the joint compound. I want to see how much it cracks before using it on my gift belly cast.

Once my ‘experiment’ belly cast is dry, I’ll give it a sanding and keep adding layers of joint compound until it’s smooth and stiff (hopefully). I have a big 12lb bucket of the stuff so I can go crazy with it! haha. I also have plaster of paris in my art cabinet but I heard it chips easily off the belly cast.

I think I’ll leave the dads’ belly cast plain. I’ll let them decorate/display it as they would like or they can hide it away if it so pleases them.

I haven’t decided what I’d like to do with mine yet. Maybe I’ll do a decoupage of belly/birth pics and ultrasounds.

I would love to get a picture of the twins inside one of the bellies but I’m not sure that they will be done in time.

I have a feeling that these little ones will make an entrance around the full moon this month and that is on Wednesday, May 14th.