Where have I been? Where am I at?

I’m now at the end of a gestational surrogacy (GS) journey. We are at 37 weeks and I am carrying twins for some amazing intended fathers (IFs). I was contemplating whether I would share this journey on this blog or create a different blog to share the journey. I followed through with neither idea.

So here I am. Really pregnant for another family. The journey has had ups and downs. If delivery and recovery goes well, I may do this again.

Today, I go to a local Grower’s Market to give my belly some magic with a henna tattoo. I have belly pictures of almost every week. I’ll post them sometime in the near future.

Gardening, wine-making, and most of my interests have been slowed down or put off until I have more energy. My poor plum wine has been racked maybe twice. We’ll see how it turns out, it still smells like a sweet wine so that is probably a good sign that it’s not vinegar.

Talk to you all soon!


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