Vegan Dinspirations

Yes, I have been missing in action.

We currently have a vegan guest so I’m trying out recipes. Some are okay and others have been great.

Tonight, I’m making “naked” jalapeno poppers. They aren’t breaded or wrapped in fakin. I didn’t research the egg-replacer needed for breading and veggie bacon has egg in it. I just sliced the jalapenos in half, seeded them, and filled them with some vegan cream cheese. I’ll bake ’em at 400F until the cheese starts getting browned. They are just about ready to come out and get snacked on. (update: yummy!)

I made some vegan artichoke & spinach dip yesterday and now I’m going to use the leftovers to make a quinoa bake. I was inspired by this recipe by Vegan Angela. I read in one of the comments that cashews were used instead of the egg-substitute so I think we’re good to go. If it doesn’t stick together, I don’t think anyone here will mind.

And…That’s what’s for dinner.


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