Ideas for 31 Pears

That’s the number of pears I harvested off the pear tree on Sunday. There are about three pears I could not reach at the very top. I also have about 10 pears already sitting around the kitchen.  All together, I probably have about 13 pounds of pears.

I shared in the Pears, Pears, Pears, Pearfection post how pears need to be chilled for ripening. So into the fridge these pears go for about 5 days.

After they ripen, I’ll be making a batch of pear jam. The recipe and instructions I will be using are located on the Pick Your Own website. That leaves me with about 6 more pounds of pears.

There is also this Paula Deen Pear Honey recipe that looks delicious.

With the rest of the pears we’ll probably make things like the Gluten-Free Pear and Apple Crisp from Gluten Free Goddess and Gluten-Free Pear Bread by Simply Gluten Free.

What ideas do you have for pears?

Close-up of Pears Harvested 2013 copyright 3MoonMama

Close-up of Pears Harvested 2013 copyright 3MoonMama






4 thoughts on “Ideas for 31 Pears

    1. 3moonmama Post author

      Thanks for the follow! I also have a couple plum recipes/ideas. There is one for plum bread, another for jam, and some talk of making plum wine (my current adventure!).


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