Mommy has an ache in her heart

As the start of Kindergarten draws closer, I get more and more anxious. Questions run through my head like, “Will my kiddo be able to sit still at a desk for a half hour or more?” “How much Teacher! Teacher! can my kiddo yell out before the teacher reprimands?” “How fast will my child’s creative and whirlwind spirit be crushed?”

I know it’s only half-days in a public school but I’ve always wanted to fully homeschool my children, not just supplement their education in between work and play.

I know I need to work this Fall so we can pay off some of our accumulated debt from being a student for so long.  But technically I’ll be bringing in enough income to survive off without going out to work 30+ hours a week. Yet, that won’t get those bills with interest paid off.

I also know that my child needs some major social interaction. Whirlwind needs that hardcore play time with other wild children. I would have to come up with extra money somehow to pay for classes and to connect at homeschool outings in and out of the area.

I keep telling myself that if things get bad for Whirlwind in kindergarten then I can go ahead and homeschool. And next year, once I get this debt off my back I can settle into our little homestead and homeschool my wild child.

Are any of you single parents and doing the homeschool thing? Financially, how are you managing it?



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