Eeek! Critters in My Compost

I try to turn my compost once a week. It’s located in a free standing pallet bin. It has wide slats (but narrow enough to keep my dog’s head out of there) with a open top and bottom. I also water the compost pile every 2-3 days as I am watering the yard.

Last time I turned my pile I found a mouse in there. One of my cats likes to hang out near me when I do yard work, but she’s not much of a mouser so the mouse went unnoticed as it ran from my compost pile to my raised beds. My dog caught wind of the mouse and was chasing it back and forth. I couldn’t catch it so I just scared it out of my raised bed and went on with turning my compost.

Today, I was turning my pile and down toward the bottom a mouse head poked out. WTHeck! It quickly went back in and I kept turning the pile.

I’m not sure what to do about it since it’s an open pile/bin. I don’t think  I want to put a trap out there because sometimes I see my cats hanging out on top of the pile.



2 thoughts on “Eeek! Critters in My Compost

  1. forestmtnhike

    Hmm…do you have any nearby buildings where you can line up some traps? Or what about setting up some bricks near the compost and make a little hut out of them and put the mouse trap in the center of it? that way your cats wouldn’t fit inside but it’s large enough for the mouse. hope this helps.

    1. 3moonmama Post author

      I like the idea of creating a little hut to put the mouse traps in. I’ve started dumping the vacuum bin into the compost. I read somewhere that putting your cat’s hair into the compost can help keep mice away because they smell the predator.


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