Learning Left and Right, Day 2


Today, we started off with watching the two videos I mentioned in my previous post “Learning Left and Right.

After we wiggled around to the songs, we worked on another double-sided worksheet. The little one definitely needs more practice on which direction the animals are facing. I think this is related to still learning which direction letters face. We put our hands next to each box to find out which direction the animals were facing. The other side of the sheet included shapes that were colored either on the left or right side depending on the directions.

Game Time! We traced our hands and labeled which were the left and right.


I got out some dice. The black dice were for the left hand and the white dice were for the right hand.


We used stones from our collection jar as our counters.


We took turns rolling one black die and one white die. We would put that many counters on each hand and then count them all up. Then we would state the addition equation we just created. We each took four turns and then I could tell it was time to move on.


Next time I think I will find something to use that will tell us whether we are putting the counters on the left hand or right hand. This way we can focus on one hand at a time.

Tomorrow, we will be playing  left, center, right game I found on the Teachers Pay Teachers site.

See you tomorrow!


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